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The development of seamless gutters has made a tremendous difference in helping homeowners avoid roof leaks from a faulty gutter system. A roof is constructed at an angle for a very good reason, to deliver moisture away from your house. But without a working gutter system, the water will spill over the edges, creating a whole mess of problems inside and outside of the home. It is not helpful whatsoever for water to regularly come in contact with the fascia boards or siding and some parts of a home can rot when they get saturated. Nor is it beneficial when the rain dripping down from a roof puddles up around the foundation of a house because the owner could end up flooding their basement.

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It might seem like it would be a loss of time to worry about a leaky gutter or two, but that is precisely what homeowners will experience with the old style of metal gutters. They are welded or caulked together and when the bond is broken, water will come flowing out and down the side of the home or onto the wood decking or concrete foundation below. These leaks can be patched with caulk but it is only temporary as the tremendous force of the water will locate the next weakest point of penetration, making this kind of gutter repair an ongoing process.

The latest k-style seamless gutters have no seams and joints, other than at the edges and where they connect to the downspouts. Seamless gutters provide an added level of protection to your home since they function more efficiently to help the roof drain, and have a lengthier lifespan than old-school seamed gutters. Plus, if you invest in gutter guards in San Martin, you won’t have to worry about cleaning duties and they help deter birds and chipmunks from using them as a spot to construct their nests. You should always hire a professional gutter guard installation and gutter services pro to place them correctly, but the cost is well worth the savings you will receive by avoiding collateral damage expenses.

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Remember to check on your gutters every season and if you do not have gutter guards, be sure to clean out any debris that could clog them and cause leaks. We offer inspections and estimates if you would feel more comfortable having a local top-rated pro do these tasks for you.